Pattern help please with a knitted slipper.

I haven’t made socks or slippers before and I’m confused by the instructions.
I am using circular needles not dpns and did a figure 8 cast on as per instructions.
These are the pattern instructions.
ROW 1 (RS): K6, p1, k5 across first needle. Across next needle, working all cast on sets thru the back of the loop:k5, p1,k6. TURN WORK. From here to the joining, the piece is worked back and forth in rows.

ROW 2 (WS): Sl1 p-wise, p5, k1, p5, pm, M2P(for heel), pm, p5,k1,p6.
ROW 3: Work row 1 of Left Cable, p1, k5,sm, (kfb) twice, sm ,k5, p1,work Row 1 of Right Cable.
ROW 4: Work Row 2 of Right Cable, k1, purl to last 7 sts, Work Row 2 of Left Cable.
ROW 5(RS): Work next row of Left Cable, p1, k5, sm, M1R, knit to m, M1L, sm, k5, p1, Work next row of Right Cable. 2 sts inc.
ROW 6: Work Right Cable, k1, purl to last 7 sets, k1 Work Left Cable.

Repeat last two rows until you have 14 sts between markers for heel, then work even in est patt until piece measures 12.5cms from cast on at the canter back of heel, ending after Row 4 (WS) of Charts and removing all markers.

The next part is the joining part of the pattern.
I am not a newbie but I’m not an intermediate skill yet either, I understand the abbreviations and can do Cable and basic knitting.

The difficulty I’m having is understanding how it is Knitted up and also I don’t see how one can avoid joining the Work when knitting on dpns or circular Needles using the magic loop method ?

Any insight would be much appreciated!

These sound like sts for the heel. You’re going to work back and forth on these sts only for several rows. Let the rest of the sts hang out for awhile until you’re ready to knit in the round again.

Where the pattern says TURN WORK in row 1, turn as you would at the end of a row. You’re now working on the WS or private side of the slipper. Since you’re working on a circular needle, place markers where the ends of the dpns would be. That’ll make it easier to follow these directions.

What is the name of this pattern, please?

Thanks for your advice, I’ll give it a try. It’s called Stippers by Ashley Knowlton

Maybe these:

Yup that’s the one. I’ve noticed the designer has written another pattern that she recommended was good for beginners to stippers. At the moment it only comes in a kit.