Pattern help please - the left front is the right front and vice versa

I’ve commenced knitting the right front for a baby cardigan and have discovered that there is a pattern error in that the right front is the left front and the left front is the right front. This has now confused me as I’ve not made button holes. I think I can manipulate the pattern to make the shaping work out but is there a way that button holes can be added afterwards in a moss stitch border? The pattern I’m knitting is Deramores Baby Love Hearts Cardigan in DK.

You might be able to make a small buttonhole by pushing a knitting needle between sts and then widening the hole. Long, thin buttons like toggle buttons might work here. If you haven’t knit both fronts you could put the buttonholes in whichever one is still to be worked. No one really pays attention to the side the buttonholes are on anymore, especially in baby sweaters.

Front for a cardigan are defined “as you would wear” the sweater rather than as you look at the sweater in case that’s causing the confusion.

Thanks for your reply “as you would wear” the cardigan wouldn’t cause me any confusion as I’ve knitted several cardigans in the past. I really don’t want the buttons to fasten on the boys’ side. It did occur to me to try to widen the holes with a needle which is what I’ll probably do. The pattern also says at the neck shaping to dec 1 st only at the neck edge until 23 sts remain. Does this mean to decrease on every row? The pattern doesn’t say. It starts out with 37 sts = 14 decreases.

It’s a child’s cardigan so my guess would be dec every row but this is worth a note to Deramores to ask about the pattern. If you have a schematic you can also estimate this from the dimensions given and the row gauge.

Thanks for your advice but Deramores only ever refer a querent to their Facebook page to ask other knitters who all seem just as perplexed as I am.

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See if the length and row gauge give a clue or fall back on dec every row. So painful when sources/designers don’t support paid patterns.

Thanks again for your reply. I think I’ll decrease on every row. This pattern seems to have been amended about four times from what I can gather. The version in my possession now doesn’t give the row gauge and I’ve discarded the previous pattern so as not to get confused any more than can be avoided (ha ha).

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I made the cardigan as the pattern read as I didn’t pick up the errors till to late so the buttons are on the wrong side. If you don’t mind that it looks ok.



Such a sweet looking little cardigan! You’ve worked this beautifully. Thanks for posting the photo.

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Your work looks really beautiful. I’m about to join the shoulders and knit the neckband. There really were a lot of errors in this pattern, but now thankfully, I’ve got version four which is less confusing but I’m a bit dubious about the instruction regarding which side to pick up and knit the stitches and think I’ll follow my own instincts falling back on past experience.

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Once the shoulders are seamed you usually start on the right front (as you would wear the sweater) and work around either picking up sts or knitting across held sts. Is that your plan?

Heather512’s version really is adorable.

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Yes thank you. I’ve done it now and it looks fine.

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I downloaded this free pattern several yrs ago and don’t know which version it is. I’m now knitting this cardigan. I’m finding lots of errors. I’ve only knitted the back panel. Can someone please send me the updated version which I think is version 6. I did go to the Deramores website bit this pattern isn’t available. Thank you for your assistance.

Welcome to KH!
Someone may well have an updated and corrected version of this pattern. In the meantime, have you contacted Deramores to see if they can send you a link to a revised pattern?

I tried but this pattern doesn’t show up. There’s an image of the cardigan but no pattern.

I mean have you emailed or called them directly? If you explain that you have the original pattern but need a corrected or updated pattern they may be able to help out.

I emailed them but they never replied. :frowning:

That is a shame. Maybe someone on the forum will be able to help.

Hope so. It’s a really cute cardigan. Thanks

Can’t help with the pattern but here are phone number and email addresses. I think it’s worth contacting them.

Please email our Customer Service Team at or call us on 01733 666184 (Monday - Friday, 9.00am - 2:30pm UK Time).

If you are calling from overseas, you can call us on +44 (0) 1733 666 184 Alternatively, you can leave us a message on Live Chat.