Pattern help, please. Specifically charting

Hi All,

I’m about to cast on for the Backyard Leaves from Scarf Style. I haven’t actually knit from a chart before, so I’m a little lost already. I’d appreciate any help.

  1. Do I read chart right to left? And then do I go left to right for the next row up?

  2. The key for the V square says: “sl 1 wyib on RS; sl 1 wyib on WS”. Do I do both? Or just the one stitch based on the side I’m on? And how do I keep track of RS vs. WS? :??

I think answers to those will get me going on the first couple rows :shock:

Thank you!

When you knit a chart on a flat piece of work, you read the right side from right to left and the wrong side from left to right.

The meaning of the stitch does depend on what side you’re on. If you’re on the wrong side, you do it the way it says, and if you’re on the right side, you do it that way.

The best way to keep track of your rows is to put a post-it note right above the row you’re doing. This allows you to read your row across.

Usually odd rows are the front and even rows are the back.

Thank you Ingrid! You ROCK!!!

So if I’m understanding you correctly, when reading a chart for a flat pattern, you read it like serpentine, starting at the bottom right?

Yes–that’s a good way to put it. :wink:

Thank you again!

I chart out all of my doll sweater designs, and the easiest way for me to keep track of what I’m doing with a new design is to use a ruler or a magnetic board to keep track of which row I’m on.

If I’m working a right side, I am working from right to left that line of the chart.

If I’m working a wrong side, I am working from left to right that line of the chart.

I’m always careful to have row 1 of my chart be a right side so I don’t mix myself up. :happydance:

Thank you for all the tips! I’m anxious to get started now.

Do you know if the set-up row counts? As in is this the right side? Or should I start with row 1 as the RS?

I think usually the pattern tells you which row is row 1 of the chart.

I think usually the pattern tells you which row is row 1 of the chart.

OOooooh I’ve got this one!

I’m doing this pattern right now as a matter of fact.

The set up row (and all subsequent even # rows) is worked left to right and is a wrong side row. Then rows 1 and all odd rows are right side rows and worked right to left.

Thanks FiberGirl! I started this last night, and after many, many frogs, I’ve finally completed 4 repeats Wooohooo! My stitches are looking a little loose and my DH says I could have picked a better color, but I love the terracotta that I chose. It’s such a nice fall color, IMO.

YAY! Wow, 4 pattern repeats in one night? You go! I’m lucky if I can get in one. Today I got in 2 and a half! I consider that an accomplishment. I’m on the second half, about 6 repeats through, and I’m really getting tired of it!

OMG you’re not using a green yarn??? Are you crazy??? Leaves are green!!! :roflhard: (I think terracotta is a lovely color, especially for a fall scarf!!)