Pattern help please? - Sleeve increase

I’m knitting the sleeve of a sweater and the instruction is:
“Increase 1 stitch each side every right side row (working increase stitch as purl stitch) every 8th row, 8 times”
I’m confused! Do I increase every right side row or every 8th row or both?

What is the name of the pattern you’re following?
It may mean every 8th row, 8 times and the “every” is a typo but it’s difficult to tell without seeing a photo and knowing the name.

Thanks for answering! I think you’re right and it’s a typo, I’m going to try every 8th row 8 times as that makes sense. It’s the Iron Works sweater by Madeline Lee - raglan sleeve.
Thanks again :slight_smile:


Gorgeous sweater! I see one reference to the sleeves that used the increase every 8th row and that makes sense for an adult sweater. Enjoy working this one.

It’s been such fun to knit, it was going to be for me but quickly became clear that it’s going to be a Xmas present for my smaller best friend! Thanks for your help x