Pattern help please - picking up stitches

Hello all -
I am working on a baby sweater and nearing completion (finally - luckily it is a six month size) and have a question about the pattern instructions. This is my first sweater and I’ve done everything except the finishing on the neck. The instructions say to pick up 12 stitches from the stitch holder, but do not knit them. They go on to say how many stitches to pick up on the back, and going down the other side. These are to be knit per the instructions. Then, they say to pick up the 12 stitches from the other stitch holder - but does not say if I am to knit them, or leave them alone as I did the other set of 12 on the holder. It does not say to [U]not[/U] knit them either. Do I assume that I am to knit them, since the other 12 were specificially directed not to be knit? Any ideas? TIA!! :slight_smile:

I don’t think you would knit those 12 stitches. It sounds as if you’re setting up your base row for finishing off, so I wouldn’t knit those last 12 stitches from the holder. After all the stitches are picked up, either from the holders or from picking up, then you’d finish following the pattern from there.

Do you have a link? That’s always helpful when asking questions.

You’d take them from the stitch holder just as you did for the first lot of 12, but not knit them. I presume the two lots of 12 are in equivalent positions on each side of the garment so would need to be treated the same. Once all the stitches are picked up you continue as per the instructions.