Pattern help, please! Interlude shawl by Janina Kallio


I am making the Interlude shawl by Janina Kallio.i have just gotten to step three in the pattern, and am unsure how to proceed. For this row, the instructions read:
K2, kfb, repeat [yo, k2tog] to last 3 sts, kfb,k2

After the kfb, the yarn is in the front. For the first yo after kfb, do I just leave the yarn in front and k2tog to complete the yo?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

Usually, the yarn is in the back after the kfb:

In that case, you would bring the yarn to the front between the needles and then over the right needle to work the k2tog.
If you do the kfb and end with the yarn in front, you could bring the yarn over the right needle and to the back to work the yarn over. Don’t pull too tightly or you’ll shorten the yarn over so much it’ll pull and be difficult to work into on the next row.

Really lovely shawl!

Oh, I see. Thank you so much!!!