Pattern help please for eager but confused beginner.

Hi. I’m new to knitting having taken it up since Christmas. I am confused by the next part of a pattern I am following for a hat and am hoping someone can help me. Attached are photos of the pattern and then the part I am stuck on for shaping the crown.

Not sure if the pictures are clear. But the pattern is 127 stitches k2, p2 to last 3 k2,p1. Can anyone explain 1st row of shaping the crown pls.

Does ‘patt 3’ mean I knit 3 stitches or 3 rows? When I work through these instructions in my head I am knitting more than 127 sts! Very confused!

Welcome to KH. What is the name of the pattern. Don’t post the whole pattern or pictures of the whole pattern because of copyright issues.
“Patt 3” means to follow the pattern in the stitches. Knit the knit stitches (from the previous row) and purl the purl stitches (from the previous row). So if the pattern is a Rib 2 you would k2, P1 (3 sts) for example.

The pattern you’re following also has several sizes. What size are you knitting? Oh, you said 127 sts so that is the fourth size.

So row 1 of shaping the crown will be…
Patt 3, (k2tog, Patt 6) 15 times, k2tog, Patt 2. (111 sts)

Thanks so much. I think I get it. And the info about copyright. I never even thought about that. The pattern is a crofters dk 9339. Is that what is meant by the name?
I will give it a go today and let you know if I get it right!
Appreciate the support.

Oh it worked. Thank you for the advice.