Pattern help on decrease

Dearest Knitters,
I’m attempting my first jumper for my mum’s birthday and having difficulties on the decrease (“Shape Armholes” section on attached pattern).

I have 81 stitches and am now ready to decrease.
It says to cast off 6 stitches in pattern, I’m really not sure how to proceed on the RS now that I have 6 stitches missing…
I’m afraid, I would need it spelled out by the pattern what row 1 and 3 start with after the decrease. But the pattern is hoping I’m clever enough to figure it out; sadly I’m not.

Would anyone be able to help me in this one? Feeling a bit lost.
Thank you so much!

Best regards

Welcome to KH!
This often comes up with pattern stitches. The best advice is to look at your knitting and at the pattern row that you’re on now. You want the pattern stitch to continue the columns of yarn forwards and decreases that you have been doing in the body of the sweater.
Another way to look at it is to write out the current row, and cross out the first 6 stitches. Only count the actual stitches, not yarn overs which don’t use a stitch. Then the 7th stitch will be where the row starts. If that’s in the middle of a repeat, work in stockinette stitch until you can start a full repeat.

Thank you very much!! It makes sense now. The yfwd confused me a little with regards to the decrease.

Terrific! Enjoy knitting the rest of the sweater. Just keep checking that the pattern aligns with previous rows and you’ll be fine.