Pattern Help - Noni Bag

I’m new to this site and started knitting the Noni Cascading Fuchsias Market Bag. I am so confused though when it says wrap and turn then knit 72 rounds. Picking up on the wrong side in the way described above. It doesn’t say where or how often to pick up the stitches to increase for the top of the bag? I’m so lost! If anyone has knit this bag can you help me understand what I’m missing?

Welcome to the forum!
Wrap and turn usually has a following row at some point where the wraps are picked up. This is different from increasing for the top of the bag or perhaps picking up sts at the base to form the sides.
You can quote a row or two if you think it would help but don’t quote more than that due to designer copyright please.
It’s a gorgeous bag.

The Ravelry page notes some errata but all I could find were some notes on the fuschias.

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Thank you!! I got to thinking about it and I think as I’m felting I just work it into shape.
Thank you for your reply!!