Pattern help needed

I am making a hat from the Hip Knit Hats book. The hat is started on DPN and made from the top down. THis is the pattern:

CO on 12 stitches, divide among 3 dpn.

Rnd 1 and all odd rnds: K

Rnd2: k1, m1 repeat around 18sts total

Rnd 4: k2, m1 repeat around 24sts. total

Rnd 6: k3, m1, repeat around 30 sts total

This is where I get confused:

Repeat Rnds 1 and 2, each time adding a k st before each M1 until there are 11 sts before each M1-- 78 sts total

On Rnd 7 (and all odd) I knit all stitches. How do I add a k st before each M1?


For round 8 you would k4, m1; round 10 would be k5, m1; round 12 would be k6, m1; and so on.

That makes perfect sense now! I love this website!


You are very welcome! I was glad to be able to help!

I do too, that’s why I signed up for the forum when I surfed over here a little while ago. I wish I had known about this site 2 years ago when I was learning to knit. It would have saved my best friend a LOT of grey hair! :roflhard: