Pattern Help Needed


I need some help with a pattern that is in a magazine so I can’t post a link. It is a pattern for knitted overalls. The
pattern is such that the legs are knit flat and then after the
crotch shaping the sts from both legs are put on one needle
and knit it one piece for the upper body. It is still knitted
flat with the turning point being in the middle of the back. At the point where sts are cast off for the arm holes the front and back flaps are then worked seperately. This is
where I am unsure of the pattern. I am to knit x amount of
sts and then cast off for arm hole, knit x sts (this is the
front), cast off for arm hole, and knit x sts to finish the
round. Now the back sts are to be put on one needle and
the back flap knit to a certain measurement. My problem is
the way it is knitted the working yarn will be in the middle of
the row when I put the two back sections together to start
knitting them as a solid piece so to get the working yarn to
the end I will have to knit across to the edge where the
first arm sts are cast off and then turn to begin working the
Will this matter if there is this extra half row at the start of
the back? It is knit all in garter stitch if that makes a difference. I hope this was not too unclear I had to
translate from Finnish so please ask if something needs
to be clarified. :slight_smile:

Can you put all your stitches on one needle, cut your yarn, then start “over” at the beginning of the row with a “new” working yarn. That will keep you from having an extra half row. Your translation is WONDERFUL !!! I wish I could have answered in Finnish :slight_smile: The overalls sound really cute. Be sure to post a picture !!!

It won’t matter if one half is off by a row. Follow the directions, they seem clear enough. If you were to cut the yarn to start working on one side, it would have said to do it, so the designer must have thought it would look alright to do it the way it’s written.

Ok thanks for the replies! :slight_smile: I thought I should just do as the
pattern says but then as usual I ended up overthinking it…
haha. This the first time I have run across this particular
situation in a pattern so thought perhaps there is some
trick I don’t know about…someone here has under their
name “trust the pattern”…I really need to repeat that
many times before starting a new pattern :slight_smile: