Pattern help needed!

Hi all, I’m new here, and relatively new to knitting too!
I got a kit fro christmas and am stuck on a pattern which includes cable knitting in a beanie. I haven’t cable knit before, but do understand how to (ish).

the pattern im stuck on goes:
(Row 4)- P8 K2 P8 K2 P8 K2 P8 K2 P8 K2
(Row 5)- P2 C8 P2 C8 P2 C8 P2 C8 P2 C8
(Row 6)- P8 K2 P8 K2 P8 K2 P8 K2 P8 K2

this carries on further, but I am just concerned about the cable knit part as I do not know what it translates into/ how to do it!

Any help would be great, Thanks! :slight_smile:

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Check at the beginning of the pattern and at the end to see it they define C8.
Can you tell us the name of the kit or give us a link to a photo?

The kit only defines ‘C’ to be cable, I have an image of the pattern it tells me to follow, it was from Marks and Spencer’s this Christmas

In that case you can probably choose the direction you would like the cable to twist in. If there’s a photo of the hat you can copy the twist shown. For a cable to twist left, hold sts to the front. For a cable to twist right, hold sts to the back.
To make the cable, place 4sts on the cable needle and hold to the front or back (depending on the twist), knit the next 4sts then knit the 4 sts from the cable needle.