Pattern help needed ws showing up on rs

So I’m going off of the monkey pattern in Sara Keen’s Knitted Wild Animals book and I’m stuck. So I’ve casted on the number of stitches needed but here’s where I run into problems. The first set of instructions is first and next foll 3 alt rows: p, which I understand the first row and next 3 will alternate between knit and purl. So if understanding this correctly 1,3,5,and 7 will be purled, correct me if I’m wrong. However when I go to the next steps which is Inc row: k5, m1 k14,m1,k5 and then the next row of inc: k6, m1,k14,m1,k6 I am getting ws knitting on the rs and it looks horrid. What am I doing wrong?

Very cute pattern!
Which part of the monkey are you knitting?
Is there anything about the increase rows being on the even rows (knit rows) with a purl row in between?

I realized I misinterpreted the pattern and was doing the alternating incorrectly.