Pattern help needed for rusty knitter

My name is Linda and I live in Cary NC. Have not done much knitting of late but on a recent trip to the mountains I walked into a yarn store, fell in love with a scarf pattern, scooped up a bunch of yarn and am dusting off my needles. Just joined the forum as I need HELP!
The pattern I am working on has what is called a “slipped granite stitch”. I have seen granite stitch videos but that stitch is done differently than the stitch on my pattern. It is a 4 row pattern and the second row is confusing me a bit. The pattern is p1, sl1, k2, yrn, and psso. Am I passing the sl st that was before the k2 over k2 and yrn? can’t seem to find any videos except for the “regular” granite stitch. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi and welcome!
It’s sounds similar to the usual granite stitch: slip one, k2, increase, psso the k2 and the increase. So yes. pass the slipped stitch over the k2 and the yarn round needle.
We’d love to see a photo of the finished scarf.

I found videos for a different granite stitch.
And then i thought i found it with a different name, but i was wrong.