Pattern help Morrison Beret

Hello all I need some help! I am making the Morrison Beret from knit picks Uptown Chic. I have finished the ribbing but I am having a really hard time reading the chart! The directions say: begin working from lattice chart, repeat these 12 stitches eleven times around the hat. After round 1 132 sts.
I have tried reading the chart 3 times and I NEVER can get 132 sts. I start with 88. I don’t know if I am allowed to publish the chart on here because of copyright so I haven’t included it. Please help I need to finish this hat by the end of the month for a birthday present!!! THANKS

You can’t post the whole chart, but if you can put up just the first few rows that can help. It sounds like you’re going to be increasing stitches to get from 88 to 132; that’s a difference of 44 sts, so if you do the repeat 11 times, there’s 4 incs in each repeat. They would probably be YOs, and the first round would have 8 sts in each repeat and when you’re done with the incs, that would make 12 sts in each on. A yo doesn’t use a stitch, it’s added between 2 others; a lot of people misunderstand them.

Not sure if I am doing this right but I have attached a small section of the chart. I dont understand what the NO STITCH means? What do I do there? thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

A ‘no stitch’ box means “there’s no stitch on your needle here” so you just skip it and go to the next box. It’s there to make the chart square to account for the sts that you increase.

So row 1 is kfb, kfb, C2over2Lp, kfb 4 times, the cable stitch again, then kfb twice. So that’s how the sts increase in that round by means of the kfbs. The cable st spans the repeat so you would do 2 kfb, the first half of the cable, * the 2nd half of the cable, kfb x4, and first half of cable *. Repeat between the *s then at the end on the last 4 sts, do the 2nd half of the cable and kfb twice.

Ok when you say the: "2nd half of the cablekfb x4, and first half of cable"
Do you mean I p2 then Kfb x4 then k2?
Sorry I am usually pretty good with charts and cables but this one has thrown me for a loop. Thanks for your help!

It’s unfortunate she chose to split the cable for the repeat. Try it this way - kfb twice * 4 cable sts, kfb, kfb, kfb, kfb * repeat 10 times, then 4 cable sts and kfb twice. That should help you get through the first round and after that the cables might be easier to figure out.

Thanks for your help! Once I got through the first row of increases all is going well.