Pattern help-longies

Hi! I’m brand new to knitting (and loving it!). For my first project I decided to do knit pants for my ds. (Nothing like shooting for the stars! :teehee: ). I’m am stuck in the pattern and wondering if anyone can help. I am at the crotch and getting ready to split for the legs. Here is where I’m stuck:

Row 1: knit
Row 2: *M1R, k2, M1L, k to next marker * repeat
Row 3: knit
Row 4: *M1R, k4, M1L, k to next marker * repeat
Row 5: knit
Continue in pattern as set until gusset has 10 stitches, ending on a plain round.

So, my questions are, do I knit row 5 and then knit row 1, so I have 2 rows knitted in a row? Or do I do row 5, then skip to row 2? Also I’m wondering how I can tell if the gusset has 10 stitches? Are those row 2 and row 4? Thanks so much, I appreciate any and all help! :smiley:

Is this pattern anywhere online so I could look at the whole thing? I haven’t made any of these. I’m wondering how many stitches you are working on. You use the word “row” but then you say “round” as well. I’m thinking you are working in the round. I’m wondering if you have quoted the pattern just right? On the increase rounds is that exactly what it says, and all it says?

Row 2: *M1R, k2, M1L, k to next marker * repeat
How many times is this going to be repeated in the round?

I think you are right that you don’t redo row 1 but that the pattern that you are to continue is to increase a round and then to work a round even. It looks like each increase round will have 2 more knits between the M1R and the M1L than the last increase round. My thinking is that when you have 10 knit stitches in between the M1s that that is probably when the gusset has 10 stitches. I guess in this case that the gusset is the area of increases, and I don’t know if there are two of these or maybe 4, but somehow this makes the shaping for the crotch I think.

After you do the increase round that brings you to 10 stitches then do one more even round before you continue on.

Thank you so much for the reply! Your reply has helped a lot. The pattern is one I bought, so I don’t have an on-line link. I am knitting in the round and I have 88 stitches on a round. What you have quoted is exactly how its written in the pattern. I’ll be doing that twice in one round. I was hoping someone else would agree with me on not knitting another round after row 5. Thanks so much! I guess I can always frog if it doesn’t look right! :slight_smile: