Pattern Help - Long Tail Cast On

Hi. I’m working on a pattern that calls for a long tail cast on to be used as the foundation row.

But, the 2nd row starts the chart and it’s calling that the RS row.

The chart is for a seed stitch pattern. I was always under the impression that when I did a long tail cast on that the next row would be a wrong side row.

I’m a little confused by this. Any help would be appreciated.


When you say your chart is for seed stitch do you mean that it is simple seed stitch all across the row/round? or is it a more complex pattern stitch with some seed st involved?

Like you I learned that the first row after a long tail cast on should be a purl row, that keeps that little edge that looks a bit like a stem stitch in embroidery on the knit side (right side), but I see a lot of patterns that make the first row the right side. If you really are doing just a basic seed stitch and then perhaps changing to something else, is there any reason why throwing in one more row of seed stitch to put the edge you like on the right side would hurt anything?

Another option would be to purl a row and then start your chart.

Thanks. You’re right it looks like they made the first row the right side and I just over-complicated it in my brain.

The first row after the cast on can be either the RS or WS row. The cast on really isn’t considered the first row, so maybe you’re misunderstanding that the 2nd row is the RS.