Pattern help - Knitting a lace shawl

Hi guys I’m new o knitting hawks. My pattern reads the following. Could u guide me in simple words wat this actually means?

“Cast on 3 stitches with scrap yarn using a provisional cast on. Work 6 rows of garter stitch in your working yarn, pick up and knit
3 stitches in the garter ridges and your first 3 stitches removing the scrap yarn. You now have 9 stitches.”

Thnk u

That makes a little 3 st strip of garter, pick up sts down the ends of the row on one side and then into the cast on sts. I don’t like to do them this way, it’s just much to fiddley to work on only 3 stitches with thin yarn, or even heavier yarn. What I do in this case is to CO 7 sts, knit 2 rows with an increase in each one, either in the middle of the row or at the end. Then I have the 9 sts needed to begin the shawl.

Why does the shawl require a 3 st strp of garter? Sorry for such basic questions :slight_smile:

I got it thnx:)

They use the garter strip because the garter stitch is going the same direction as the edge sts on the rest of it. I don’t think it matters which is why I don’t do it; you really can’t see it unless it’s on display, wouldn’t be noticeable while being worn. No one should be looking at the back of your neck that closely anyway…

It does give you a nice flexible and reinforced beginning for the back of the shawl at the neck. Here’s a video for how-to although the number of sts may be different from your pattern. And here’s a short dicussion on the same.