Pattern Help Knit Hat Flat, Short Rows confusion

Hello I am very new to this site. I purchased a pattern that I am having trouble with. I have contacted the designer and she has so far been great, I am just not getting it. I have a few questions…

I am knitting a hat flat. For example row 1 - it says slip the first stitch so I knit 51 total with the slipped stitch. But does the slipped stitch count as the first *k1 in the moss pattern? So I would slip the first stitch, then start with *p1 then continue the pattern? Or would it be slip the first stitch and then begin the moss stitch pattern? So slip 1, k1, p1?? And I would count that as three stitches?

The directions read to slip first stitch and knit last stitch on all rows.

The pattern reads to knit 51 stitches, and turn work. Once I knit to the end of the 51 stitches, am I supposed to knit the last stitch? So the very last stitch of the 51 stitches would be a knit stitch no matter what? Or doors it mean knit the last stitch on the very end of the row?

Short row directions read “The hat is worked with short rows, to avoid leaving a hole slip the yarn behind the next st before turning and slip it back to your right needle after the turn without knitting and counting it.” This I do not get…

Can you post a pattern name and link please? Also please tell us how many you’ve cast on and the first couple lines of the pattern. In other words what exactly does the pattern say. Usually it will tell you what to do. More info always helps.

Hi Kboucha,
If there are 51 sts in total on your needle and you are starting moss stitch and the pattern says to slip the first and knit the last stitches then your second stitch will be a purl so SL 1, P1,K1 etc. to the last stitch which should fall as a knit st in any case.
If you look at your knitting,apart from your first row of moss, then where you see a knit stitch under the stitch on the needle you will purl that stitch for moss and where there is a purl stitch under then you knit that stitch.
For the wrap st. in the short rows, look at this video which will show you what to do. Much easier than trying to write it all down lol :smile: