Pattern help. Joining button band

I’m knitting a Jersey in the round. I have just completed the button band and now the pattern wants me to “close the button” band. I’m totally lost with the instructions… Can anyone explain this to me in more simple terms? See segment of pattern below.

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The idea is to overlap the button and buttonhole bands. The pattern has you place the buttonhole band sts on a separate needle (a dpn would work) with the buttonhole band to the front. Hold the two bands together in the left hand and knit together one stitch from each needle. It’s similar to a 3-needle bind off except that you won’t bind off the sts, just knit two together for 4sts from each needle.

Aha! Lightbulb moment… 3 kneedle bind off! I just couldn’t picture putting stitches on top of each other, but this makes perfect sense. Thank you so much. I just did my first 3 needle bind off in the wee norwegian hat i did a few weeks ago. So much to learn in knitting and I’m only just beginning!

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Oh, good. I’ve just finished a child’s sweater with a similar join at the front. Your pattern is very good looking with the asymmetric buttons. Enjoy working the rest of the sweater!

I have that pattern but haven’t made it yet. I’m sure glad to see this – one mystery that I won’t have to puzzle over. :slight_smile: Thanks!


It’s such a simple easy to knit pattern… Go for it!