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Hi, I am Janette, I have been knitting for a while. But, never a sweater. My daughter bought me a pattern and yarn for my Birthday 2 years ago. I have frogged it 3 times because I don’t understand the pattern. It’s Jenny by Annette Danielson. It’s very confusing. I have finished rows 1-8. Writing out each row and chart. The instructions say " same as" and “continue as set”. I understand this but it’s not clear. For example row 3 is an increase row. But in the instructions it states increase every 4th row. Is that every 4th row from row 3? Then row 11 ,if I continue as set, row 11 would be the same as row 5 which is " knit sts as they face you. However, there is a row 11 in the chart. Which one would I knit? That’s just the beginning but I get to them later.

Help please

Yes, increase on every 4th row starting from row 3. That means increasing on rows 3,7 and 11 only. Row 3 shows you where to place the increases but don’t continue the increases on pattern row 3 when you repeat the 6 pattern rows.

Continue to work the chart rows 1-32 and then repeat the chart. When a row 5 in the instructions comes up, work the sts that aren’t in the chart as they appear and work the next chart row as placed.

Enjoy working your first sweater! These instructions get easier the more different patterns you knit.

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Thank you so much! You have been so helpful!
Wish me luck😊


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Now on row 13, which would be row 1, it states, knit 1, work chart. However, row 1 is knit 10, work chart. Will this cause me to be off by 9?

Work the k1 and then an additional chart panel. You don’t need the beginning rows 1-6.

The pattern photo shows that there are initially 2 cable panels on on either side of the shoulder seam at the sleeve. On row 12, 25sts are added to start the body of the sweater.
Once you get to row 13 you’ll be adding another 2 cable panels, one on either side of the original panels. These will be placed after a k1 edge stitch on each edge.
From now on you’ll be following the directions for row 13, 14 and those that follow. Keep working the chart rows you’ve already started and now the 2 additional charts on either side.

Wow! You are awesome! Thank you so much. I just wasn’t getting that. I will keep you posted.:+1:

I have completed rows 1-30. There are 32 rows on the chart. I have added the 10 stitches on each end. And now have 314 stitches. The next step doesn’t give clear instructions. 15 total increases? 1 on each side is 14? 15 times, 1 in each side is 30. Will give me more than 330.
Next…I will continue pattern as set for 8 rows.
Next row (rs) work row 20(4)of chart. BO center 10s?
Front…BO beg RS rows? Really lost at the bind off for neckline.
Thank you so much for your assistance!

Picture of what I done so far

So it seems that the pattern is telling you the inc either side of center stitches is 15 times total (rather than 15 times more). It seems to be 8 times more or 330sts.

After the 8 rows, bind off the center 10sts. This is the beginning of the opening for the head.

It looks good so far and the color is yummy.
It would be good if you could edit your photos to only show the areas you’re asking about. We can’t post large portions of patterns due to designer copyright.
Mark which side is the front and which the back. Bind off 4sts at the beginning of the front neck.


I have completed to row 36, which I am repeating the pattern as set so row 36 is row 4. There is now 330 stitches on my needle. Question is it states work 8 rows. Form row 36 or 8 more? Also after the 8 rows…instructions are to work row 20 (4). Question is… go to row 20 even if it’s not the next row? Question is…what does the (4) mean?

Work the increase every 8th row 4 times to get to 338sts. Then work a further 8 rows with no center increases each side of center. Continue with the chart pattern on these 8 rows.

If you’re working the larger size, the instruction 20 (4) means to work row 4. I’d say just work whichever row comes next on the chart.

Thank you so much for your help! You have been extremely patient, understanding and knowledgeable. This forum has been a wonderful find​:heart_eyes::star_struck::heart_eyes: