pattern help increasing

hi everyone. I’m stuck on a pattern that I’m working on im at the part where I need to increase the stitches here is where im getting confused the patter of the rib is as follows:
row 1 P1 K2 P2
row 2 K1 P2 K2

now on row 17 which will be an increase row on each end
how to I start the pattern for row 18 to keep the pattern correct I also have to increase at each end also 3 extra stitches in the patter. then I need to continue on row 19 as normal but every time I tried it my patterns is adding up.

thank you for your help

What is the name of your pattern? Where are you in the pattern (at a transition from one pattern to another, on a sleeve, where)?

Work the increases at each end. Don’t let them throw off the main body of the pattern. The main pattern should be kept aligned. Yes, the pattern will have extra sts at the ends but that’s ok. When you get to the following increases you’ll have enough sts to be in pattern at the edges.
I’m not sure what you mean by the “3 extra stitches”. Is that across the next row?

Hi it’s the front of the pattern. The 5 stitches in to be increased one at each end and 3 in the pattern but every time I do that the pattern doesn’t match in the next row

What is the name of your pattern?
So the same
row 1 P1 K2 P2
row 2 K1 P2 K2
pattern repeats on row 19 after the increase row?

The pattern is off a magazine

Yes the 19th row will continue on the pattern

This is at the beginning of the pattern? Where the pattern directions differ for the different sizes?
After the increase row for your size, the yarn color changes and the needles change. The pattern stitch will shift the pattern for the main body of the shirt. For the smallest size you’ll have increased to 141sts.
Think of it as like the shift from ribbing to a pattern stitch.

Thank you.