Pattern help- increases

Hi all-

I am knitting a baby sweater. After you cast on and knit a few rows, the pattern says:

-(RS) Knit and increase 3 (3, 5) sts evenly across - 76 (80, 86) sts

  • Knit 1 row.

  • Next row: Knit and increase 4 (6, 6) sts evenly across - 80 (86, 92) sts.

Question 1- if the pattern doesn’t say what kind of increase- what kind should I make? If there isn’t a definite answer, what increase would you use?

Question 2- It says to evenly distribute the sts- how exact do I have to be? For the first row, if I make 1 increase 3 stitches from the beginning, should I make the last increase 3 stitches from the end? Does it matter?

It’s this pattern:


For several increases spaced across a row, it doesn’t matter, use the one you’re most comfortable with or you think looks better. Evenly distributed doesn’t mean they have to be exactly spaced, so your plan will work fine.

Be careful though, don’t use a yarn over. It’ll make a hole.