Pattern Help: how many repeats?

The pattern says: “repeat rows 1-8 a total of 9 times, BO loosely”

Considering that the next section of the pattern says “pick up 56 stitches from long straight edge of one end piece” would you, at the end, have 72 rows(9 total pattern repeats, including first 8 rows)? or 80(10 total pattern repeats, with 9 patterns repeated after first 8 rows)?

I could trust the pattern, Ingrid, if it made any sense.


If the instructions to “repeat rows 1-8 a total of 9 times” comes after rows 1-8, you’d have 80. The first 8, then repeat 9 more times. If it’s written before, there’d be 72.


If it says a total of 9 times, then I’d say 72. If it said repeat rows 1-8 nine more times, then it’d be 80. When you get to the point where you have to pick up the stitches, though, count them out just to make sure you don’t have to add another set. I’d say 72 is your best bet.

Ayyy! I overlooked `total’. That’d be right.


Thanks ladies! Of course, I could just go back to the yarn shop and fondle the sample that’s already knitted, too. But I figured I’d ask.

Thank you!