Pattern help: Gloves

Hi everyone,

I’m hoping someone can help to clarify a pattern for me. I’m an advanced beginner, and while most times reading a pattern I can see what I need to do once I get to that step, this one is perplexing. Here is the part where I’m having trouble.

The pattern can be found here:

I’ve worked rounds 1-6 the first time through, and things are great. However, the pattern calls for me to repeat the pattern (I presume I start back at round one). If I do start back at round one, would I skip the increases on the first round and only do the increases in the third round? It would seem that if I were to do the increases in the first round then I would not be able to have 66 stitches when I’m done. Further, if I were to only increase in the third round, would my first round simply be the same as Round 2?

Thank you so much for any help that you can offer. I was trying to do this yesterday while waiting for my boyfriend’s sister to get out of surgery, and perhaps based on my frame of mind I wasn’t really looking at things clearly. But I have a long day at the hospital ahead of me again and it would be great to have this as a distraction.


Once you do the initial increases, the you should only increase for the thumb on the third row.

[I]Continue pat. repeating cable twist every 6th round, i[COLOR=Red]ncreasing 1 st[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]each side of thumb gore every 3rd round 5 times more,[/COLOR] having 2 sts more between incs. after each successive inc. round; 30 sts on 2nd needle; 66 sts in round. Work 1 round[/I]

OK, thank you for the clarification. I was thinking that was what I would do, but I was thrown off since it wasn’t really spelled out what to do in the first round. But I guess I was right that I would simply K4, p1 and repeat 3 times, then knit the remainder.

Again, thank you so much for the clarification.

OK, I thought I was all set until I got to the increase in the third round. I get that I’m going to have two more stitches between increases. So the first time I did this I knit 6, increased 1 in the next stitch, knit 2, increased one in the next stitch, and continued knitting. When I get to the increase, would I then knit 4, increase in the next stitch, knit 4, then increase again before knitting the remainder of the row? This is my first pair of gloves, and I stupidly picked a dark color, so I’m having difficulty seeing the thumb gusset in the low hospital room light.

My thanks to all who look at these boards, and in particular my post. It is such a help to get clarification on patterns from those who have been there and done them. Thank you again.


The extra stitches will be between the increases for the thumb. You’d still k6, inc, but knit 6, inc, and finish the row.

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Put a marker on your needle before and after the thumb. I’ll be easier to keep track of where you should do the increases.

Again, Ingrid, thank you. I had a feeling that is what it was. I’ve always been that person who answers her questions as she’s asking them, and in writing out what I thought the pattern was I realized I was most likely right. Just needed the affirmation, you know? Thank you so much!

OK, it has been awhile since I posted about this, but I also haven’t had the time lately to knit as I’d like.

I have the right glove done and it looks great. I started the right glove, and though I messed up to the point of just starting over because I missed a key increase early on and had no idea how to correct, I am at the part of knitting the fingers. And while I’m pleased with the pattern and how it is coming out, as this is my first pair of gloves I’ve ever knit, having instructions where you have to refer back to the first glove you’ve knit and read those instructions is mildly frustrating. I’m getting used to it though with one exception:

After slipping 14 stitches to thread for fourth finger, casting on 2 sts, and knitting 4 rounds for those 42 sts, it says to discontinue cable pattern and work first finger. Because I’m now on the left glove do I follow it this same exact way? It seems like I would, only now I’m working with the palm side of the work facing me when I start as opposed to the back cabled side. Is this how I should think of it? I’m sure if I just knit it will make sense, but where this is a gift for someone I’m not feeling bold enough as to just go for it and if I messed it up it would just be mine and I wouldn’t care.

Thanks again!

That sounds right to me. Everything will be turned 180 degrees, so this time the palm will face you.

Wow, Ingrid, you’re quick! Thank you so much for the help. I know its always hard not seeing what I’ve actually knit, but it seemed throughout the pattern as if I was knitting 180 degrees turned around so I thought I would just continue in that fashion. Thank you for the help as always!

I don’t know if it’s okay to mooch off someone else’s post but the question is similar I have my first time knitting gloves and it’s really cold and I’m trying to make some nice warm gloves for everyone and the pattern is so confusing I also got my basic glove pattern from the vintageknitting place and if someone can better explain what this means I’d love it so I can finish instead of having half a glove.

It says “work first stitch, slip next 13 sts to a strand of yarn for thumb and cast on 3 sts for inner side of thumb, then finish round.”

I have no idea what that means so if someone can simplify it for me I’m a beginner who thinks I’m advanced.

What you want to do is knit the first stitch just like normal. Then you’ll want to take the next 13 stitches and basically move them off of your work because that is for your thumb. You don’t want to knit them because the thumb is much lower than the other fingers - you want to hold them aside and come back to them. You can accomplish this in several ways. I have these over-sized sort of safety pin looking things without a sharp point that I put the stitches I want to reserve on, or you can do as this pattern suggests. Take a waste piece of yarn that you don’t care about and thread that into a tapestry needle - something where the eye of the needle is large enough that your yarn will fit through. Then as if you’re sewing, pull this waste yarn through the center of the 13 stitches it says to put aside. You want to use something that is easy to transfer the stitches off of and onto because eventually when you’re all done you’ll go back to these 13 stitches, put them back on your needles, and knit them for the thumb.

So if you’ve moved the 13 stitches off, you next want to cast on 3 stitches. You can find instructions in the glossary of this site for that (M1), but essentially you want to use the working yarn to put 3 new loops on your right needle. You won’t knit them yet - you’ll knit those in the next round. The easiest way to cast on extra stitches is to make a loop and then put that on the right needle. Then once you’ve cast on 3 additional stitches you’ll continue knitting the next set of stitches that follow the 13 you moved onto the waste yarn. Knit them just as normal until you get to the next series of instructions.

Good luck!


Mhmm I get it now I almost had it but the cast on thing threw me off okay I think I can get it done now. Thank you so much I can’t wait to finish it.