Pattern help / German Short Rows

Hi! I just CO on new project - Knitting for Olive’s cable sweater. The pattern is super detailed and says it uses the German short row technique but I’m stuck on this part:

• Continue in p until you reach the next marker, sm to right hand needle, p2, t&w (turn and work double st)
• K1, m1, k1, sm to right hand needle

So I P2 past the marker, turn, slip the stitch…which only leaves me with one stitch before the sm to do the step in the second point above! What am I missing here?


The turn and double-stitch should involve working one more stitch. So you’d p2, then knit one, turn, slip, pull the stitch over and start working back the other direction.

Double-check the instructions given for t&w and make sure they’re expecting you to work one more stitch as part of it. I use German short rows all the time, and you either work one stitch past or one stitch less than the w&t point for regular short rows.

Ok thanks for this! And is it always a knit st you work as the extra st?

The thing that puzzles me is that this issue only happens on certain T&W steps. On others, it works perfectly if I follow the instructions…

I think this is your pattern. At least one person had problems with the GSR instructions. I agree with @lewister and to be able to do your increase after turning you will need to knit or purl the next stitch at least some of the time. It could be an inconsistency resulting from converting from wrap an turn instructions but I don’t know. With w&t the next stitch is the one you do the wrap on which would give you the correct number of stitches after turning.

Right! I missed that Note on Ravelry but I’m glad someone else found an issue with it!

It seems to only happen on the WS rows so I’m worried that if I do an extra stitch, it won’t balance with the short rows on the other side?

Why not do it consistently with the extra stitch on both RS and WS rows?
This video uses an extra stitch which is the way I routinely do it. (There may be other ways to work this but I stick with this way.)

I often substitute GSR for conventional W&T so the extra stitches are equivalent.

I got the idea that the pattern isn’t consistent and that on some rows (RS rows maybe) turning as instructed works out fine. It’s a paid pattern so I don’t know. Your idea quite likely is the best one since an extra stitch isn’t likely to mess the pattern up as long as the increases are done in the right place.

I have thousands of paid patterns that I’ve gotten for free. I mostly use ones that are always free for some reason. When I started knitting I preferred them because you and everyone else could see the whole pattern when I cried out for help.

Thank you! That’s reassuring that one the pattern won’t be messed up as long as the increases are in the right place! It looks like adding an extra stitch on the WS balances out the instructions on the RS. Super confusing. I think I will contact the designer as well!


Sometimes knitting is very forgiving. Sometimes it’s not. You should be able to tell before you get much farther along in the pattern whether you like how it looks or not. If not then posting a photo and asking for assistance before ripping it out to make changes would be a good idea.

Well - it looks like you got lots more good answers to your questions, but to follow up on the one:

It probably doesn’t matter what type of stitch you do for the extra one as you’re pulling it over the needle and will work it later as a double stitch. But for me, working the knit stitch, then turning and pulling it up over the needle from the purl side just works out more nicely in terms of where the yarn goes.

I never thought about that. I’ll have to try knitting that last stitch before turning on the purl side to see how it looks for me.