Pattern help: garter stitch with circular needles

I am working on the earflap hat from Knitting Pure and Simple #253. I am a little confused on the 4th to last paragraph where it talks about wanting to create 2 garter ridges on the front and back of the hat. I know that garter stitch on straight needles is knit every row. I think I am confused between garter stitch and garterr ridges. If I just purl, it doesn’t give a purl row on both sides.

I can give more pattern information if someone needs. Or there is a good picture on KPS site under “accessories”


if they call for 2 garter ridges, you will knit 4 rows.

On straight needles, either all knit or all purl will give you garter stitch.

The pattern tells me: " The marker is the beginning of the round, and from this point, keep the edes of your hat in garter stitch, which means purling the stitches on the garter edges on this round. You want 2 garter ridges on the front and back of the hat"

I tried just purling each row when I got to this part of the hat. It doesn’t give me any ridges on the back side. It looks like stockinette. (which, now that I think about, makes sense on circular needles!:cheering:)

I think I just answered my own question, but replies are welcome!


To get garter st in the round, you purl a row, knit a row, purl a row.

Mucho, mucho, thanks.