Pattern help for Bootees

:XX: Good Morning,
I have a Debbie Bliss pattern for Bootees and have a question.
1)I did my increase rows and the last row is knit.They want me to st st in the next 6 rows.
What do I start with? It does not say reverse st st. So when I turn my work I will be on the back of the work. so should I start with a knit or a purl.
Also, after the 6th row the next row is a knit row.
2) Shape instep
you have to k30, skpo, then turn
when you turn where do you start your next stich? DO you start on the one you turned your work or the next following stich?

Thank You for your help and cooperation. :frog:

If you finished with a knit row, then to continue in stockinette stitch you should purl your next row. But if you’re continuing in stockinette for the whole bootie, I’d count my decrease row as one of the 6, or you’re not going to be on a knit row for the instep row.


Next row–knit instep row.

When they say to turn, just turn your work around as if you finished the row and work the first stitch on your left needle.