Pattern Help for a Sweater

I am knitting a sweater with a round neck but I am now at the top of the sweater starting the decreasing. I don’t understand the decrease because it is marked decrease at the neck edge. Isn’t this for a V-neck??? Hope someone can help with this because I started this sweater last winter and have just decided to finally finish now so that I can wear it for the cold days ahead.

I would think you would still have some decreases, but I am not sure since I don’t know how your sweater is going to be put together, or which part you are knitting.

I would need to see what your pattern says.

If it says to decrease, I would trust the pattern. I would think you would have some decreases even with a round neckline.

Yes, you decrease for a round neck. It will be more gradual and start higher up on the front of your sweater than it would be for a V neck.

Vneck decs would start in the middle of the front, regular neck decs would have you BO sts in the center of the front, then dec at the sides of the bound off stitches. So don’t worry, many patterns are like this. Some even have you dec at the back neck for a couple rows for more shaping.