Pattern Help for a New Knitter

After knitting lots of scarves, attempting my first pattern - a baby’s sweater - one page, free pattern for beginners -

I am makings a sweater for a 9-month-old - the middle figure.

Okay until the Stripe Pat paragraphs - so I think I’m supposed to creat the stripe w/ 6 rows Stockinette stitch w/ white, followed by 4 knit rows in blue - a total of 10 rows.

I don’t understand this direction - Rep the 10 rows of Stripe Pat until 10 (101/2, 111/2, 13)" from beg, end wrong side row.

Am I supposed to continue knitting this pattern until I am 11.5 inches from the bottom of my knitting?

Also, I do not understand what the right and wrong side row is?

Thanks for your help.


The right side is the side you want the world to see–the outside of the garment, so the wrong side is the inside.

So, yes, repeat the stripe sequence until you have 11 1/2 inches of knitting on your needle, with a wrong side row being your last row. Then follow the next instruction.

See, you’re doing fine.

Hi Tracey :waving:
If you look to the upper right u will see a tab that reads “Abbreviations Explained”…this will help you alot. You will better understand right side and wrong side of the pattern.
From reading the pattern, you are supposed to knit the stripe pattern until you are correct on the length :wink:
Have fun.