Pattern Help - Eyelet Chevron

I’m about to (hopefully) start working on the Desert Wavesscarf from Knit Picks, which is based on an eyelet chevron pattern. The pattern is made up of 8 rows, which I understand. I’m geting a little lost in the setup after the CO:
RS: K2, work Eyelet Chevron Stitch 3 (5) times, k2. WS: K2, work Eyelet Chevron Stitch 3 (5) times, k2.

And then pattern repeat until the end. So…am I working row 3 five times on each side of the work, and then starting the pattern? Or…just starting the pattern?

I’m sure its perfectly obvious, I just can’t wrap my head around it for some reason. :??

K2 and do the RS row of the eyelet chevron pattern 3 OR 5 times, depending on the width of your scarf, end with k2. Then do the same on the WS row. You just start the pattern.

Thanks, suzeeq! I was still a little confused about “3 OR 5” times since this was just a scarf pattern with the CO amount given. A quick Ravelry search shows that the same person also has a similar shawl pattern, which explains the 5. The power of the internet! :wink:

Wouldn’t it have been easier to say “begin pattern” rather than splitting into RS/WS?

Most patterns don’t say ‘begin pattern’, they just give you the cast on, then go into the rows. Those are often numbered, with a notation as to which is RS/WS, but it’s not that unusual to just give instructions for the rs rows and ws rows, especially with a chart.