Pattern help, extremely new to knitting.

Hello! I’m very new to knitting. I know the basics, knit stitch, seed stitch, rib stitch, purl stitch etc. I know how to bind off, but my pattern says “fasten off with white and switch to pink. Knit each stitch across”. This is where I am stuck. How does one Bind off and then join in with the other color yarn? Is it possible? Or should I just skip the “fasten off” step and just join in with my other color yarn?? I’m making newborn hats. Links to videos are appreciated as I am a visual learner and have a hard time comprehending instructions.

Can you give us the name of the pattern or a link to the Ravelry page? Fasten off may just mean to cut the yarn leaving a tail to weave in later. It’s not the same as bind off.

Here is the pattern!

Darling pattern. You’re at the change from ribbing in one color to the body of the hat in the second color? Yes, your idea is correct. Just switch to the second color and knit across the sts on the needle. Leave about a 6" tail from both colors to weave in later.

Perfect! Thanks! Another friend of mine said fastening off and binding off were the same and that’s what confused me.