Pattern help Divine Romance Belt

here i go running out of stitches again. so i assumed right side was the first row and then alternating from there row 2 being wrong side etc. but i came across a symbol that only had instructions for a right side stitch. so anywho i backtracked and started wrong side row one etc and i ran out of stitches in row two knitting it as a right side row. what am i doing wrong now? if i count it right i need 20 stitches to do that row but you only get 19.

The cast on is 19sts and rows 1,2 and 3 maintain that number. You can count the number of yo in row 2 (5 yo) and the number of k2tog (5 k2tog) so the st count should remain the same. Check that you’ve done all the yo’s. You should be able to see them fairly easily on the needle if you tug down on the knitting. It also sometimes helps to go back and look at each st on the needle and check that it corresponds to the chart by naming the sts (yo, knit, k2tog).
In later rows the st count will change, for example row 4 and that’s why you see the “no stitch” boxes on the chart.
It’s a very good looking belt which will be lovely. Good luck with it.