Pattern help--DESPERATE--please!!

Greetings, oh wise Knitters!
I’m working on Cocoknit’s archived pattern, Hanna, and hit two snags. It’s an empire waisted pullover with a crossed v-neck bust. It’s knit from the bottom up on a pair of circular needles. I was sailing smoothly until I hit the section “Split for Crossed Front”. At this point, I should and do have a St count of 224 with a place market beginning and dividing in half (@ 112). However after this next section (which I will quote), I somehow gain 32sts.

2 points confuse me: 1) turning & 2) the technique of using a second skinny circular needle to add 32 sts.
The pattern says to:
“K40 sts, slide a #1 or #2 circular needle through the fronts of the next 32 sts of the left needle leaving the sts on the working needle. Ignore the skinny needle (leave it at the front of work) and k32 sts off of working needle…”

So, to issue #2, wouldn’t the skinny needle get knitted into the next row and not stay in sts to be stitched?

In regards to point #1, let me continue quoting the pattern:
“…k32 sts off of working needle. Turn…”

I’m not familiar with turning work when using a circular needle. If anyone has a good reference link (either text & pics or YouTube) please share and please explain, if it facilitates in the increase of 32 sts, how it does so.

“…off of working needle. Turn. K6, p62, slip marker, p112 sts of back, slip marker, p40 sts, then off the skinny needle p26, k6. (256 sts [vs.224 at start]). You will now work back and forth on these sts as for ‘Shape Fronts: both versions’ [the next section to be worked].”

I’ve looked up “turn + circular needle” and read about the wrap & turn technique. In the next section “Shape Fronts…”, I think the author intends the knitter to continue w&t because the entire section is listed by row and designated (RS) or (WS). However, the author doesn’t indicate when/where w&t should occur.

Any guidance? Thoughts?
Desperate for help!!!
Any tidbits are much appreciated!
Thanks for taking time to read!

Welcome to KH!

Very graceful pattern.
Point 1, The turn is just that: when you finish knitting 32sts off the working needle, switch the needles in you hands (left needle to the right hand, right needle to the left hand) so that the wrong side of the garment is facing you. Except for the border of 6 knit sts, you’re on the purl side. It’s a turn just as you would at the end of a row.

Point 2. This is the overlap of 32sts at the front of the sweater. In order to make that overlap you’re going to pick up sts for it. Rather than ask you to pick up sts the pattern has you slip a thin needle through 32sts. Yes, the needle will be on the row below after the 32 are knit but that’s ok. On the next row you’re going to purl those sts. Those sts are the extra 32sts that make the total stitch count 256.