Pattern Help, crochet, 2 dc in next 2 dc

Im having trouble understanding this crochet pattern (new to crochet)

Ch.3 (counts as first Dc), Dc in next 2 Dc, *2 Dc, ch 2, 2 Dc in the ch 2 sp, 1 Dc in next 3 Dc

Welcome to KH!
Which pattern are you following? Can you give us the name or a source?
Perhaps @OffJumpsJack @okckwilter or @WhampusKitty will be able to help.

This is something of a guess until we see what pattern you’re using but I think those instructions mean:
Ch 3 (counts as first Dc)
Dc in each of the next 2 Dc
*2 Dc, ch 2, 2Dc in the ch 2 space, 1 Dc in each of next 3 Dc
Repeat from * (that last line) until your row or round is complete.

Let us know if it’s still clear as mud!

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This is the pattern

Are you still having trouble with the pattern? It looks like you were having trouble with Row 2 when you first posted? I think my earlier post is correct except I can now clarify a bit further:

Ch 3 (counts as first Dc)
Dc in each of the next 2 Dc

  • 2 Dc, ch 2, 2Dc ALL IN THE NEXT ch 2 space, 1 Dc in each of next 3 Dc *
    Repeat instructions between * two MORE times (a total of 3 times)
    Finish the corner as per the instructions. You should end up with a total of 28 Dc.

It would still help to see a picture of your project or the name so we can look it up.

Does that help you?

Oh! The pattern @AliSmith is making is a giant granny square pattern. (Does that help @okckwilter?)

The 15 rows off DC make it much larger than a typical granny square pattern.

I think you’re right, Jack, a giant granny square sounds right. I still think my earlier interpretation is correct but hopefully AliSmith will come back if things still don’t make sense.

Oh, yes, your posts are correct.

Mine was not meant as a correction. I was Just answering your question as to what the pattern was.

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