Pattern help - confusion about turning work

Hi there

I have a bit of a complex question which I really hope someone will be kind enough to help me with!

I am a complete beginner and have so far learnt everything I know about knitting from books and the internet (with mixed results!). My first project is a pair of cuff bootees (for my baby who is due in July!) and I am about 3/4 of the way through the first one. I think I have managed it ok so far, and I am at the point of working towards the little fold over cuff (having basically done the foot part). I have just completed 10 rows of 28 stitches, working 11 moss stitch, k6 then another 11 moss stitch (this has been creating a moss stitch with garter stitch instep which is the basis of most of the bootie). This was with 2 3/4 mm needles.

The pattern then says the following:

PLace a marker at each end of last row
Change to 3mm needles
Next row [k1, p1] 7 times, turn and work on these stitches
Work a further 10 rows in moss stitch
Change to C (another colour of yarn)
K 2 rows
Cast off
With right side facing, 3mm needles and M (original yarn colour), rejoin yarn to rem stitches and work as follows:
Next row [p1, k1] 7 times
Work a further 10 rows in moss stitch
Change to C
K two rows
Cast off

Ok, here are my questions!
I did the 7 [k1 p1]s, and then turned the work over and then did the same on the stitches I had just knit. However I think I must have done this wrong or misunderstood it - because I ended up still with 28 stitches, and also I had to knit them back onto the original 2 3/4 needle, rather than moving on the 3mm as the pattern asks. Additionally, after doing this, my markers that I put at the ends of the final row before the row where I turned the work are now not parallel to one another. What I really don’t understand is whether the turning is supposed to have decreased my stitches to 14 somehow? Because later when you cast off and then rejoin the yarn, the pattern only asks for 14 stitches.

So sot summarise, I am pretty sure that where I was asked to ‘turn the work and work on these stitches’ I have made a mistake. It would be so great if someone could help me translate this part of the pattern so I can work out what I have done wrong. I don’t mind starting again, but I want to fee that I understand it so I don’t make the same mistake again!

Sorry for such a long post. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

Many, many thanks,


Next row [k1, p1] 7 times, turn and work on these stitches
Work a further 10 rows in moss stitch

You’re only going to work these particular 14 stitches for 10 more rows, leaving the rest on the needle.

After you’ve finished with these, then you work the remaining 14 stitches with a new strand of yarn.

Thank you Ingrid, this really helped! I now understand what it’s asking. Back to the beginning, but this time I think I understand the whole pattern which is exciting!