Pattern Help -Broad Spiral Rib from 'More SKS'

Hi All,

I’m starting the Broad Spiral Rib Socks from ‘More SKS’ with some Yummy Mirasol Hacho yarn that I got from Santa (I was a very good girl):wink:

In any case, the pattern says TW2R and the definition given is different from the explanations I have found on this site.

The definition in ‘More SKS’ is

“Knit two Stitches together, leave stitches on left needle, knit first stitch and slip both stitches off needle”

I’m not sure what that is asking me to do. Do I actually K2tog first and then knit into the other stitches? Has anyone else made these socks and can help me?

Thanks in advance!!! :slight_smile:

You knit the two stitches together, but [I]don’t[/I] slide them off the needle. Then you knit the first one again; then slide them off the needle. You’ll still have 2 stitches, but they will be crossed.

Ahh… okay. Thanks! I knew I could count on somebody here to help me! i had to stop at the ribbing last night so now i can get going on the sock! woohoo!