Pattern help - bear

I am working on the arm for a little bear in stockinette stitch. This is the first I have worked with a true pattern, and somehow I am not getting it right. After I finish my “work 9 rows straight”, I end on a knit row, meaning the next row should be a purl row but the pattern says “next row K10, turn”. Maybe I am not getting the "2nd row and foll 4th row right? I really don’t know.

I also can’t figure out or envision what “rejoin yarn to rem sts and complete as first side” means.

Can you please help?! Thanks a million!

… K 1 row across both sets of sts. 16 sts. Inc one st at each end of 2nd row and foll 4th row. 20 sts.
work 9 rows straight.
Next row K10, turn.
Sec one st at each end of next 2 rows. 6 sts. Work 1 row. Cast off. Rejoin yarn to rem sts and complete as first side.


Hard to believe noone’s tried to help you with this yet!
After writing down what’s happening with your pattern directions, it seems you’re doing this:

Row 1: K 16.
Row 2: Inc, P 16, Inc.
Row 3: K 18.
Row 4: P 18.
Row 5: K 18.
Row 6: Inc, P 18, Inc.
Row 7: K 20.
Row 8: P 20.
Row 9: K 20.
Row 10: P 20.
Row 11: K 20.
Row 12: P 20.
Row 13: K 20.
Row 14: P 20.
Row 15: K 10, TURN. Do not complete row.
Row 16: P2tog, P6, P2tog. (8 sts)
Row 17: K2tog, K4, K2tog. (6 sts)
Row 18: P 6.
Row 19: Bind off these 6 sts, break yarn, and

NOW, rejoin yarn at the right edge of the right side to begin doing these same 19 rows for the other leg? arm?

Good Luck! :wink:


P.S. Check out the videos [color=darkblue][size=6]here[/size][/color] for different types of increases.

Perfect timing. I’m working on a baby hoody and came here searching for “rejoin yarn to rem”. The pattern doesn’t tell me to break the yarn after I work the shoulder shape on the other side. It seemed to make sense but I’m a novice working an actual pattern too and I didn’t want to do anything that it didn’t tell me to do.

Thanks Diane!!!

No problem!

Glad I could help? :teehee:

Hope the rest of your project goes well!