Hi all— I’m well into a sweater and have hit a herringbone section. The instructions are:

*Sl1kwise, k1, pass the slipped st back to the left needle, pull yarn through from
back to create new st, rep from

I understand the SL1Kwise, K1, and passing the slipped stitch to the left needle… I’m just confused about the pull-through to create a new stitch. Do I pull through the slipped stitch or to the left of it? I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do so any help/tutorials/hints would be super appreciated.

Hi, welcome to KH, and thanks for asking this question. I had to look it up and since herringbone is something I’ve been thinking about trying you did me a favor. Basically you’ll be knitting that stitch you put back on the left needle through the back loop. I think this video might help you.


Thank you!!! That’s exactly what I needed to see. I wish the pattern just would have said knit into the back of the slipped stitch… I went down a rabbit hole, but you’ve saved the day!

I’m glad I could help. What makes sense in one person’s mind is totally not clear to another. I think this is your pattern.