Pattern help...again!!

Hello fellow knitters!!

Hope you’re all well?

I’m currently knitting my first pair of socks (after being told that I’m crazy and they’re quite tricky) I have continued to give it a go and so far it’s gone well…but now I’m a little confused!!

I’m working on the hermione everyday socks and have worked the heel flap section moving onto the heel turn. My heel flap stitches are currently on needle two alone. I’ve been using two sets of circular needles. My question is, am I continuing from the heel flap to the heel turn on the same needle reducing the stitches down to 18? So using needle two as instructed at the beginning of the heel flap section. I think I am just struggling to visualise this at the moment!!

Any advice would be much appreciated :slight_smile:️ Xx

Yes, you’re continuing to work with the heel flap sts on needle 2. You’re going to make a little cup shape that will fit around your heel. This video shows where you are although the numbers are undoubtedly different from your pattern.