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I need a little help, actually a lot, but that’s another topic

I am working on the pattern bellow, but I was only able to do the part in red, after that I have no clue as to how to continue this pattern.
can someone help me understand what I am supposed to do next…

thank you all for your help and time


Size: S – M/L – XL – XXL/XXXL

Materials: DROPS Kid-Silk from Garnstudio
125-125-150-150 g color no 05, heather

DROPS circular needle size 3.5 mm [US 4] (80 cm [32’’]) – or size needed to obtain
22 sts x 44 rows in garter st = 10 x 10 cm
[4’’ x 4’’].

All yarns are Garnstudio yarns. Color charts and updated retailer lists at

Garter st, back and forth on needle: K all rows.

Pattern: See diagram M.1. The diagram shows 2 vertical pattern repeats. Work M.1 either side of piece – on the left side work diagram and on the right side mirror diagram.

Shortened rows: Work 6 rows on all sts,

  • work row until Marking Thread (MT) at one side, turn the piece, tighten thread and work return row, work 1 row on all sts, turn piece, work row until MT at the other side, turn piece, tighten thread and work return row, work 5 rows on all sts *, repeat from -, i.e. 6 rows garter st on the middle 98-102-106-110 sts and 8 rows on sts in each pattern repeat each side.

Worked back and forth on needle from side to side. Fold bolero double afterwards and sew sleeve and side seams. Loosely cast on 84-88-92-96 sts with 2 threads Kid-Silk on circular needle size 3.5 mm [US 4]. Remove 1 thread and continue in garter st. At the same time when piece measures 4 cm [1½’’] dec 1 st each side on every 4 cm [1½’’] a total of 4 times = 76-80-84-88 sts. Remember the knitting gauge! When piece measures 18 cm [7’’] (= sleeve) loosely cast on 39 new sts each side = 154-158-162-166 sts.
Insert a Marking Thread (MT) in piece 28 sts in from each side (= 98-102-106-110 sts between MT). Number of sts each side will vary from 28 to 40 depending on row in M.1, so let the MT follow the piece. [/COLOR]
Continue in garter st and work M.1 on the outermost sts each side, at the same time work shortened rows - see above.
When piece measures approx 82-88-98-108 cm [32 ¼"-34 5/8"-38½"-42½"] (incl sleeve), loosely bind off 39 sts each side – Note: Adjust to after a full pattern repeat of M.1.
Continue in garter st on the remaining 76-80-84-88 sts (= sleeve) – at the same time after 2 cm [3/4’’] inc 1 st each side on every 4 cm [1½’’] a total of 4 times = 84-88-92-96 sts. When sleeve measures 18 cm [7’’] bind off loosely with 2 threads.

Assembly: Fold bolero double – see Fig. 1. Sew sleeve and side seams in outer loops of sts – make sure seam is not too tight.

Explanation to pattern diagram

K from RS, K from WS (= garter st)

1YO, K YO on return row.

2 YO, K the first YO and K the second YO into back of loop on return row.

dec 1 st

K 2 tog

knitting direction

The only part in red is the link. So what part is it? And even though the pattern is free, it belongs to Garnstudio, so you should only post the parts you don’t understand with a link.