Pattern headache / joining in the round

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Frying my brain and I’m sure I’m having a dumb moment so this shouldn’t be hard…

Working on the little Mary’s romper.

I’m doing 12-18 months which is the second to last size listed. I just finished purling a row other than the first and last stitch (row 6 in pattern) and If I understand correctly should be now ready to join in the round and work on row 5 again (pattern row 27) which is made up of knit stitches. When I go to join w yarn trailing from right needle, I am knitting into the back right panel of the vent instead of left and of course a knit stitch creates a bump where it shouldn’t. Am I missing something? Should I be joining at a row 6 instead?

Thank you for helping a brain dead mama tonight :wink:

attached a photo of what I assumed would be my next step to join (clearly not the case).

Pattern excerpt:

5th row:

Knit the raglan increase and the pattern in this row using the diagram You’ll find the diagram on pages 7-10
Continue knitting the diagram (right back) (they then proceed to include raglan instructions for sleeve, back to pattern for front, sleeve, and pattern for left back).

6th row:
Knit 1st and last st, all other sts purl

Repeat 5th and 6th til you’ve knitted 10 (12) 14 (17) needles with raglan increases – you are now in diagram’s row 19 (21) 27 (35). The vent is now done.

Join the work from the right side. Place a marker at the joint (mid-back = mbm). The work is now knitted in rounds from the right side on circular needles.

1st round As 5th row
2nd round Knit all sts

Here is the photo

You want to knit on the outside of the tube, is that correct? I can’t tell in the photo where the working yarn is coming from but I assume it’s the left hand needle (on the right in the photo).
I agree with your suggestion to knit a row 5 at this point and join on row 6. Row 6 will change because you’re knitting in the round instead of flat but the yarn will be coming off the right hand needle which is where you want it to be.

The instruction and pictures at this link show how you are supposed to be holding your knitting if this is par of the problem.

Not sure if I can help but here goes…
When I come to a problem like this where I’ve knit straight for a while and then want to join in the round… I usually find that I have to take the needle that’s in my right hand and put it into my left and then join. That puts the needle with the working yarn in my left hand and I start to knit with my right - that joins it in the round.
Hopefully, this makes sense… :slight_smile:
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Hmmm… not as clear as I thought.
Okay so you took your needle from your right hand and put it into your left so that the working yarn is now in your left hand. You take the needle that is now in your right hand and stick the point thru the st that has the working thread coming from it. At this point the working thread will be in your left hand as you finish your knit st. and then you just keep on knitting around.