Pattern grid/chart?

I am not even sure what it is technically called (grid/chart?), but, I’m looking for a website that I used to know and can’t seem to remember. It was a free site and it had a blank grid/chart on it. You could upload your own picture, it would transform it onto a knitting grid and then you could print out the chart for an easy home made pattern (like cartoon characters etc.)
Anyone know of this? Please help? Thanks!!

This what you’re looking for?

YES! Thank you soooo much!!!

As always…you guys all rock. I was JUST trying to remember the name of this site as well and was getting flustered. Quick search on here and kapow… JUST what I needed. Thanks… Now to see if my design will chart well.

I didn’t even know there was such a thing. That’s so cool! :yay: