Pattern got the best of me! UPDATE--it's done!

I kind of need to rant. I am trying to knit Knitty’s Kureyon Kozy tea cozy, and this pattern–for me, at least–has been a challenge. And let me say, it’s not the pattern, it’s me. :verysad:

It took me forever to knit the first base, because I didn’t realize that it was going to be knit flat in the round; the technique was a bit confusing to me as I’ve never done it before (kind of reminded me of the knit version of a crocheted granny square). The first base piece that you knit is going to be the inside piece, and mine had a little glitzch in the middle–nothing horrible, and it’s going to be inside, so I’m not going to stress about that part.

Then when I went to knit the one side, I read the pattern wrong, and wound up doing ALL this extra work, putting something like 50 extra stitches total on my needles, knitting all of those extra stitches when not only was it unnecessary, but it was just downright wrong. I had to frog the whole section (that’s what I get for not reading the pattern closer I guess!) :frog: But I learned how to frog AND put my stitches back on the needle the right way, so I guess all wasn’t lost…at least I learned a new technique, right? :rofl: (One that I’m sure I’ll be using again, and again, and again! :hair: )

But I finished the bottom part and the one side; at least when I start side 2, I’ll have a better idea on how to do this. But I’m thinking that perhaps I should’ve just spent the money to go out and buy a fabric tea cozy rather than have all of this aggravation.

I’m so frustrated with this project that I’m wondering if I’ll even be able to look at it when I’m done and use it. Has this ever happened to anybody? I realize that knitting things isn’t necessarily about trying to save money–sometimes, it’s about the better quality that a hand-knitted item has, or it’s about a one-of-a-kind tailored item, or it’s about the process (the “journey”, so to speak), or it’s about learning new techniques, or challenging ourselves, etc. But has anybody ever just got so frustrated with a project that they didn’t question the decision to just buy the finished product of what they needed rather than have spent the time and frustration knitting it? I guess if I ever get over my angst with this project, I’ll know how to do it quite easily the next time if I choose to make another one, so maybe I should try to be more positive and think of it in that light. :pout:

:hug: It’s okay. We all have to rant sometimes.

Keep on trying! It’s all knitting, right? And isn’t that what we all love? (always love it, don’t always like it :teehee: )

I had issues with this pattern as well!1 Mainly the base. My 2 bases came out different sizes so the bottom is a bit lumpy. I made the fair isle version and was sooo proud since it was my first time doing colorwork! But it was a xmas gift for my FIL and he barely even reacted when he opened it. Disapointing to say the least… I just hope he uses the dang thing! I know he drinks tea all the time, and was told that he had been wanting a cozy. :shrug:

I think we need to remember that we don’t have to master everything. It’s okay if we can’t do something.

Maybe putting it down for a while and picking it up later will help. Or, just frog it for good and go out and buy the item. :teehee:

If you feel like by the end you won’t be able to look at it :teehee: then I’d put it up and walk away from it for awhile… maybe later on down the road you will feel like working on it again… if not that’s ok too :hug:

Thanks everybody for the kind words…I know just about everybody has been where I am, so it’s nice to get reassurance. I was just working on the second side, and since it’s very close to the same way the first side was knitted, it’s going a lot quicker and easier (thank goodness!) now that I know what to expect.

Belovedone, I’m glad that you mentioned you had troubles with this pattern too. My bottom seems to be a bit lumpy too; I was hoping once I washed it, it would smooth out (I’m using 100% cotton yarn because I KNOW I will drip tea on this :teehee: and I wanted it to be 100% fuss-free with regards to care). I’m sorry to hear about the lack of your FIL’s reaction. It’s disheartening to put so much time and work into something and then have the recipient not really say much. I’ve had this happen too, and I’ve made a decision to only knit for people that I think will truly appreciate the time and work that goes into hand-crafted items. The people that don’t appreciate it can go out and buy their own stuff! :twisted:

This pattern was kind of “branching out” for me. I’ve done hats, scarves, and some really easy shawls, and this was the first more involved pattern that I’ve really done (I’m too chicken to try knitting a garment yet!), so maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. There’s always an opportunity to learn from each project we do, I suppose, regardless of how it turns out.

The one great thing about this pattern though is that I tried it on my teapot last night with the base done and the first side, and it fit so well…that part I was really proud of myself for. It just fit like a hand in a glove, and I was so nervous that it wouldn’t be the right size. So at least when I finish it, I know it will fit. That’s something, right? :thumbsup:

Now that you are done and feeling better about the project, may I ask how much of the skein of Noro you used? I have a bunch of Big Kureyon left over from a sweater I made my dad last year. Used some of it making him a hat, but STILL have a ton (less than a skein, but those skeins are very long).

Of course, if the pattern is that much of a problem, I probably don’t want to add gauge problems to the mix!!! (Big Kureyon is bulky) I mean do I really want to do a million gauge swatches and then have to alter the pattern anyway to fit my yarn? On the other hand, do I really want this ball of Big Kureyon taking up perfectly good yarn stash space? Hummm…

Well, I have to confess…I did not use Kureyon for this project. :oops: I am cheap, and I knew I would spill on my cozy because I’m not the neatest gal out there :oops: , so I opted for 100% cotton yarn. Total, I used about 1-3/4 balls of the Lily Sugar 'N Cream cotton, and the yarn cost was $2.00–how can I complain? :happydance:

Because the cotton has no “give”, I think I may have to go back and re-knit my i-cord. The 16" they tell you to knit it in the pattern for the wool is probably right on the money, but I found that it was a bit short for my liking with the 100% cotton. I had a feeling that was going to happen, but I bound off my i-cord at 16" anyway. Oh well…at least making i-cords is easy and the rest of the cozy is done. Now that it’s done, I can’t wait to use it tomorrow morning! :cheering:

I posted pix if anybody wants to see the finished product.