Pattern Gauge Measurement

I need to make a gauge swatch in pattern. I have difficulty in counting the stitches and rows. Can someone offer a hint or trick to do this? Thank you.

If you mean counting the actual sts in the swatch in pattern, mark off 4" in the center of the swatch with pins and then follow the line of the pins up to the needle to count loops over the needle. HereAmy uses thin needles to mark the center 4". That usually works fairly well. The row gauge may not be so critical because patterns usually give length in inches rather than number of rows.
If it’s a matter of how many sts to use for the swatch, the instructions may tell you what the pattern repeat is, a multiple of 5+1 for example. Then you can cast on say 26sts for you swatch or enough sts to give you ~5inches worth of knitting.

Oh that is brilliant! I have way more trouble counting rows, but in some yarns (it does NOT have anything to do with my stitches! :wink: ) stitches are a problem too. I’ll file that one for future reference for sure! Thanks!