Pattern for Stash

I found a pattern I can use with my stash. It’s for a neck warmer and uses 10 mm needles with double stranded worsted yarn. If it turns out well, I might use it as a gift.



That’s GREAT!!!:cheering:

Is there a link for the pattern you’ve found? I might be interested in trying it!


Yes, me too!

OK, here’s a link to the pattern:

I haven’t started it yet but it looks as though it should be quite easy. I’m looking forward to working on it.


Thanks so much Gillian!

This does look like a GREAT pattern for stash-busting! You could use 2 yarns of the same color OR 2 different colors!

The possibilities are endless!!!

You are very welcome, Cindy. I now have the needles, so I just need to get started.