Pattern for something to cover head?

But not a hat! :think: My MIL recently had a tumor removed from her breast, and is soon to go through chemo. I have the honour of helping her pick out a wig, but she said she also wants to buy some scarves, because when she’s at home she will probably not wear the wig all the time. Does anybody have any ideas of something I could knit to cover her head? Something kind of classy, as I don’t think she’d want to wear a toque around the house! :teehee: Any suggestions would be great.

Here’s a few head scarves.

I know you said “not a hat” but I’d make the “no hair day chemo hat” you can find in the pattern pages on this site for her.

I’d also look in and/or for a lace hat-- those can be elegant. Also, keep in mind that yarn you use is VERY important. Hairless heads due to chemo can be very sensitive. I would not use any animal fiber. Wick by Southwest is very good, and anything that has a good bit of bamboo, such as Panda Cotton or Panda Soy, and Lion Brand Microsoft is incredibly soft. You sound like you’re a great friend!!!

Thanks for all the suggestions, especially about what kind of yarn to use - I hadn’t thought about that! :muah:

Ooooh, bamboo. That would be really awesome to use. Bamboo yarns always feel so wonderful.