Pattern for Socks

I’m looking for a sock pattern that would be appropriate for someone new to doing this. I’ve been knitting for 2 years now and feel it’s time to move on to something besides cloths and scarfs. Can anyone recommend a pattern that wouldn’t be too “difficult” for a beginner.

Thanks much


Well my first sock was done using silver’s sock tutorial… it’s really good. Otherwise you could look here the letters on the right is for how difficult the pattern is, so I would recommend you to stay away from extra spicy. Not because I don’t think you could do it. But because it perhaps wont be as smooth and as easy and so perhaps might leave you a bit more reluctant about socks in the future, which would be sad because, i have found with my very limited experience, they are really fun.

I finished my fist sock using Silver’s Tutorial mere moments ago! She makes it easy.

It only took me 2 months to do one sock, but that’s because my kids managed to pull all my needles out just as I was getting ready to shape the toes. I only today got up the nerve to put all the stitches back. It was an easy sock, with the exception of my kids’ “help.” I think the second sock will be a breeze, provided I keep it out of reach!

I just finished the North Country Cotton Baby sock pattern. It was good because of the size was finished quickly, and Amy’s sock-heel videos are using that pattern- which is why I chose it. So if you have a baby to knit for, or even if you want to quickly learn socks and have a cute looking little pair, I’d recommend it.

It also gives adaptations for toddler socks.