Pattern for neckwear

I’m looking for a free pattern to make some kind of warm neckwear. Neck warmers, cowls, short scarf, etc. I have some Deborah Norville Everyday worsted yarn that I want to use for this that is 4 inches=18 stitches gauge.

I’ve spent hours looking at patterns on Ravelry but their stuff is either not free or too hard for me. I need easy. Can anybody help with this?


I went to Ravelry, typed in cowl and filtered for worsted weight, free, and easy/piece of cake. Filtering is easy and if you want to drop one you just click the x in the corner of it to get rid of it.|1&query=cowl&availability=free&sort=best

Now some patterns could be misfiled or be easy according to the designer, but not you. It’s a lot of patterns though so you should be able to find something.

If you prefer a scarf type in scarf instead of cowl. If it’s too long you can just make it shorter.

If you want knit flat for a cowl or seamless and in the round you can filter for that.

I did a pretty good filter search like that but didn’t see anything that I wanted. Finally I searched Joann’s patterns and found this.

Seems to be the best and easiest pattern yet if I can learn the ladder stitch. The gauge is: Gauge: 4 in = 20 stitches on size 7 needles but says it’s not really critical for this pattern so I figure I could use #8 needles for a good result. What do you think?

Also, it’s not free, but since there are so few easy/beginner patterns out there, I think I better grab it. My Sister would love it.

I looked at a video of the ladder stitch and I think I can pull it off. :cool:

Thank you for your help and tips.

If you haven’t purchased yet here’s a slip stitch short scarf if you want to check it out. It’s free. Looks similar to the cowl you posted. It’s rated as very easy.

Jan, that’s a cute scarf, but the cowl is so unique for a change. I’m going ahead and buy it since it will be for my Sister. I already have the yarn. What about my question about changing my needle size since my yarn is gauged different. Would I go up or down on the needle size?

Theirs: 4 in = 20 st My yarn: 4 inches=18 st
Their suggestion: size 7 needles

Sure, go down a needle size. However, if the fabric ends up too dense you might want to stick with an 8 if you’re a tight knitter.

Thanks a bunch, Jan.

Here is a little scart, I made one for my former boss who said she would pay me for making it. This is the link for it: