Pattern for Names

I want to knit a baby blanket for my little guy with his name and a few other animals. I had come across a web site that had pattern for dish cloths with various animals and names but now I can’t find it anymore. If I remember correctly the patterns for names were not free.

thank you.

dishcloth letters here
2 smaller alphabet graphs here, would work if wanting a smaller letter.
I used first one on a small project recently, reverse stst on stst background, nice result. could do contrast colors instead to make it more obvious.

There is an alphabet chart here (scroll down)

What’s the best way to join these dishcloths to make into an afghan? I’ll probably be using the patterns from knittingnonsense. Will the yarn I use be an issue? I would like to use a real soft yarn (Yummy?).

Thank you for all the links.

Gee thanks, just another thing for my “to-do list”. Now I have the letters to make face cloths for the bathroom. My swapper sent me one with my Christmas package and I love it. Now I want more of them… ok, so now WHO is the enabler…